WE’RE UP, showered and enjoying breakfast at the Lindisfarne Inn by 9am. And very good it is too 🙂

Back in our room I deal with emails, blogging and other stuff then remember its the first of the month…eNewsletter day!

Rather than try and rush things in t eh room before checking out we go and sit in the bar and I finish off all my online tasks and get the eNewsletter out. Read it here.

We stop on the outskirts of Edinburgh for some shopping then continue our journey home topping off to see Catriona, Will and Freya on the way.

We’re not long home and unpacked the shopping and all the gear when Betty and Joe drop by. It’s nice to see them and chill for a while..then a few minutes later Martyn stops in and we have a good blether.

It’s past dinner time when Margaret starts cooking and we chill in front of the telly for a while…then an early night. Really need to clear the decks of some work tomorrow.