WE’RE on it early again today. The upcoming. shorts in the local shop have fairly focussed my mind on the to-do list.

First job is to finish the print and online poster artwork for October’s USA shows.

Next up, there’s some re-jigging of our hallway and some guitars to be put in the studio as we try and make our space a little more “AirBnB-friendly”…then I need to make up some maps/directions for folks coming.

I spend some time trying to sort the server out for my pal Tom’s web revamp, but things are still messed up with his hosting company…don’t understand why there’s so much to-ing and fro-ing to sort something pretty straightforward…I’m glad I don’t use that hosting company!

After lunch I write news releases for the upcoming Inverness and Orkney Blues Festival shows then call round some newspapers to find out who to send ’em too…I also call up a music journalist in Inverness too make sure I still have her correct email address and we have a nice chat.

Margaret’s off to the doc in the village and then going on to Ikea to get some stuff we need for the hall…we’re certain that most of our upcoming AirBnB guests will be walking the West Highland Way and most likely be soaking wet when when they arrive…muddy boots, wet jackets…we need to be prepared!

Meantime, I prepare a pork butt for tomorrow night’s pulled pork…but I’m almost our of my favourite ‘Memphis dust’ rub. I make up a big batch then take care fo the pork, wrap it up and stick it int eh fridge outside. It’ll need to go on the smoker before 7am in the morning.

I deal with some more emails and plan some guitar v videos to be filmed later in the week then get dinner ready – we’ll be eating a little earlier than usual as there’s a local community trust meeting tonight…