Today’s pulled pork journey…

THE alarm goes off just after 6am….I need to get the smoker going for the pork butt we’re having tonight.

I’m thankful we build the smoker shelter at the bottom of the garden as there’s a monsoon-like rainstorm going down.

By 7am the smoker temperature’s stabilised and the pork butt is on. I’ve got a four bit of work to get through before I start my 10am-6pm shift at the village shop.

My day own the shop is interesting and fun and I’m back home in time to make the red cabbage slaw and cornbread for our guests coming. We’ve got eight folks coming for dinner – I’d hoped we could have it outside, but the weather’s too flaky, so we set up indoors.

The pork butt’s ready before our guests arrive and is put in a faux cambro to rest and keep warm – I’ll wait ’til it’s time to eat before ‘pulling’ it.

All the food’s a success and we have a grand night with our pals 🙂