OUR AirBnB guests are finishing breakfast when we get up…we chat for a while and they go off on a days’ hiking around the local area.

We’ve not long finished our breakfast when Catriona and Freya arrive. I’ve a to-do list as long as my arm but take some time out for a coffee and hang out with them.

Next job is the eNewsletter for the local community trust. I write and design it then circulate it to the trustees to give it the go-ahead before it goes out tomorrow (Sunday) midday.

There’s been no Facebook livestreams since we got back from the USA so we do three – one each to my personal profile, music page and the signature guitar page – telling folks about upcoming shows, demo-ing the signature guitar and the now retired Style O guitar I have for sale.

I also haven’t been for a walk since we got back, so I go for an hour’s jaunt up the the loch side before we go along to see Betty and Joe where we enjoy pizza, a few glasses of red and good chinwag.