Two ideas for promo postcards/eFlyers for the upcoming USA east coast tour…which one is best?!??!?!?

MARGARET’S off to the doctor early doors then going on to babysit Freya all day…Catriona’s working from home and Will’s off to a funeral – and their childminder isn’t available today.

Out AirBnB guest checks out and I have the job of changing the room and cleaning it along with the bathroom, shower and rest of the house. Then I get the washing on before hitting the office.

I’ve some reports to do for the PRS members’ fund which involve some digging about documents.

Talking of PRS, I’ve ben having some problems accessing the website (as a member/songwriter)...I call their helpline but the folks are pretty useless and the problem isn’t resolved. I may try again later. Basically the ‘system’ has been revamped and folks need to change passwords. To do so, the user has to request a verification code, but it takes so long to come through that the system has timed out. Jeez.

Some CD and vinyl stock for the Whisky in my Blood album arrives and I restock the online shop/merch on my website.

I’m keen to get into the studio…or even go out for a walk but I’ve no idea when tonight’s AirBnB folks are gonna arrive to check in so I stay put and pull together some design ideas for promo postcards and online flyers/art for the upcoming USA east coast tour.

The AirBnB folks roll up just after 6pm, drop their bags and go out for something to eat. Margaret’s back soon after 7pm and I fire up the grill for our burgers then we chill for a while…