OUR AirBnB guests check out fairly early and we have breakfast before getting with some work.

The Autoglass folks are coming to replace our windscreen mid-morning. Noticing a chip I called them then found that it was too big to be repaired and we’d have to pay a £75 excess to have it replaced. Doesn’t sound like much, but we didn’t have £75 spare, so had to delay the repair ’til now. We couldn’t dingy it either as wed let the cat out the bag that we had the chip.

Anyway, the guy turns up to sort it all out. Meantime, we’re expecting a delivery of some firewood but the woodshed’s full of crap…and some bits of salvaged tree that need cut up, split and stacked before the delivery comes.

I’m not allowed to use the chainsaw but prepare the way and haul the wood while Margaret slices it up.

It takes me the rest of the morning and early afternoon to split it, stack it and tidy up ready for the wood delivery. Quite satisfying when its done tho’.

A bunch of interview questions come through from one of the Inverness newspapers which is gonna preview my Inverness show and I’ve just finished when the wood arrives. We down tools and stack it in the newly sorted out woodshed.

Next job is to set up a video interview and session with the Orkney News when we arrive for the festival in a few weeks.

There’s just half an hour to spend in the studio before we leave for Catriona and Will’s. We’re off to theirs for dinner and the night…then bringing Freya back Saturday night so they can have a night to themselves.