I make a video demo-ing the sounds of the one-of-a-kind National Style O guitar I have for sale…

I’M not feeling 100% when we wake up at Catriona and Will’s…not a hangover, I fear, but the lurgy… 🙁

Not feeling so poor that I can’t enjoy Catriona’s amazing blueberry pancakes for breakfast tho’!

Freya’s coming back with us so Catriona and Will can have a night to themselves to celebrate Will’s birthday…we pack her cot, blackout blind, pushchair, a selection of toys and various bags of supplies and hit the road.

We’re not long home when Betty pops by to say hello. I’m still feeling crap but need to make a video demoing the sounds of the National guitar I have for sale so hit the studio to film and record a wee session. Margaret takes Freya a walk to feed the ducks.

I get the filming and audio recording done, but feeling so crap I end up back in the house where I take a couple of paracetamol and go to bed. Margaret wakes me up sometime after 8pm foor some dinner…and after eating I go straight back to bed.