OOFFT…still not feeling great. No time to wallow in self-pity tho’ – Freya’s awake and I have a load of video to edit this morning.

I get breakfast on the go while Margaret attends to Freya then I hit the office. Quite a lot to do before I head into Glasgow.

I have a Musicians’ Union meeting this afternoon and need to get some shopping. I get what I can before the meeting then make a mad dash to Costco before it closes to get the frozen stuff I didn’t want sitting in the car all afternoon.

I’m hope just before 7pm and put the shopping away before the scheduled Facebook ‘premier’ off the video demo-ing the guitar I have for sale. Something goes wrong tho’ – I’m the only one that can see it. Seems that it’s premiering in ‘draft’ (ie: unpublished) mode. Not sure how that can happen or if I screwed up. Aaaargh – what a waste of time and effort. I re-publish the video and share it round all the relevant groups but have kinda missed the boat 🙁

Nevermind. I head to the kitchen, open a beer and get the jambalaya underway…