One of two videos we shot in an old disused building in Bellefontaine, Ohio last month….

AFTER breakfast we have our weekly meeting.

Although crucial, we dingy the cash flow discussion as it will end up dominating our meeting. More important at the moment is the upcoming USA tour, UK dates and shifting tickets for shows!

After going through our respective to-do lists and setting priorities we get to work.

I have to up the ante on PR for the Scottish shows at the end of November. Things are kinda stymied until we sort out a replacement for the Perth show after the venue shut down. We’re still waiting on official word from the booker who hasn’t;t responded to nay emails, Facebook messages or phone calls over the last few weeks.

Anyway, I start putting together a news release with a few new news angles to try and get some more advance national press/media interest.

There’s some bills to be paid and subsequent money juggling to be done then I re-edit a guitar demo video for the Style O I’m selling and post it to Instagram.

Next job is to get a guitar for sale ad up on Reverb although I don’t hold much hope for it as a viable marketplace. We’ll see if it generates any interest – I guess any free exposure can’t hurt.

Once our AirBnB guest has checked in I head out for a walk up the loch side and do a couple of Facebook livestream updates..then when I get home I tackle the horrible big folder or receipts and statement to make a start getting my accounts in order.

Later, while checking round the web, I find a couple of videos we filmed in an old derelict building in Bellefontaine, Ohio before my show at Brewfontaine last month. I pick one and post it round social media…