Good Friend Blues in a special acoustic session at the old Canby Building in Bellefontaine before by show at Brewfontaine…the tap of Ohio.

THE usual scrabble to catch up with emails and stuff before breakfast and my shift at the village shop.

The day goes good and I’m back home and in the office soon after 4pm.

There’s another video from Bellefontaine to share then I start tackling the folder of receipts to bring my accounts up to date…untouched since April, the pile includes a USA tour, Finland/Estonia tour and Netherlands/Germany tour. It’s some pile!

I get the receipts etc all in order, stuck onto A4 sheets and leave the next stage to another day (tomorrow?!?!)…we’ve moved the Perth show planned for Thursday 28 November to Backstaghe at the Green Hotel in Kinross thanks to our pal and promoter David Mundell. Time;s tight for promotion, so I need to get on the case with poster art and all the stuff he needs.

In the midst of it all our AirBnB guest checks in.

It’s nearly 9pm by the time I start cooking our pepper beef noodles. We eat, do some more work then….bed!