Kinross added to the end of November run of shows…click the pic for info…

I HELP Margaret change things over once our AirBnB guest checks out…we’ve had a message form the couple staying tonight assigning if they can check in around 1pm!

That’s a bit earlier than the 3pm check-in we agree up front – at the end of the day its no skin of our nose so we say 1.30pm will be OK. Means we have to get our shit together!

In the office I make up set lists for next week’s shows. A 2 x 45 minutes set for Inverness on Thursday (26 November)...and three sets for my headline shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Orkney Blues Festival. I wanna vary my Orkney sets so spend a while pulling them together.

I hit the studio to rehearse, but I’m so full of the cold that I struggle, so I play just half a dozen songs then call it a day. No point in fucking up my voice – the rehearsals can wait ’til the weekend.

Our pal David Mundell has come the rescue with a replacement show for the date originally scheduled at Perth’s Green Room which has oddly closed down (not that they got in touch to let us know!). The ticket link is now live (see here), so I get some initial online promo done then go out for a quick walk.

Margaret’s away to a meeting when I get back and I prepare dinner so its real to pull together when she’s home later.

Our AirBnB guests are out for their dinner and return jess before Margaret gets home.