NOT long to go now ’til the USA East Coast tour. Still awaiting info on all the confirmed shows which is making me twitchy as I’m running out of time to do any meaningful press/media stuff…and I still need to get postcards and stuff printed.

Also, the posters I sent to a pal in Aberdeen to put out have gone missing. I check the tracking and it looks like a delivery was attempted…but seemingly no card left. Its been a fortnight! I call the delivery office but it turns out to be a national number…with an automated system. I think I managed to talk it into attempting a re-delivery on Monday. Fingers crossed as I can’t afford another print run of posters (or the postage to get theme there)!

Between that and our sorry financial situation I’m getting a bit stressed.

Anyway, back to work – now we’ve found a replacement for the Perth show I need to get a bunch of news releases out to the guitar and general music magazines/nationals about the Scottish dates at the end of November and hope the signature guitar adds enough weight to pull in some extra coverage and traction.

In the afternoon, the stress is getting the better of me so I go out for a wee walk…it’s a beautiful day and I hope the sunshine, fresh air and views will help.

Back home I set up a landing page with the USA dates so far. I know it may change, but I need to make some progress.

Our AirBnB guest – who’s gonna be with us three nights – checks in just as I had to the studio to see if I can work on any new stuff. I fart about fairly fruitlessly on the guitar until tis time to wander along to Betty and Joe’s where we have a lovely night.