AS predicted by the forecast, the sun’s splitting the sky. Gonna be a busy day here on the east side of the loch.

I find a nice preview for Thursday’s Inverness show in the Northern Scot newspaper – almost a full page! Hoping for similar in the Highland News and Inverness Courier through the week.

Nice preview for Thursday’s show…read it on my press cuttings page – or click the image.

The sun’s hitting the front of the studio so I pull out. a chair and have my coffee while messing with tides on the guitar then Matty rolls up. He’s been out for a run and is stopping for lunch with us Catriona and Freya will be coming later.

Betty’s old iPod has bitten the dust so she’s using her phone for music which means her phone’s plugged into their wee music system. I look out an old bluetooth thing that’s been lying unused and take it along.

We get it working then I go for a quick walk.

When I get back Catriona and Freya have arrived and Margaret’s got the grill fired up for some burgers. We sit in the garden, chat and enjoy our lunch then I hit the studio to work on some guitar stuff and the others go to feed the ducks.

The kids head off early evening and Margaret and I fold up the washing that’s been drying outside in the sun…I cook some dinner while Margaret does the morning then we eat and have, unusually for a Saturday, an early night. In between times our AirBnB guest gets back and we have a quick blether.