AFTER breakfast I start creating the USA Facebook events and posting eFLyer art and videos to each…I also post the main tour trailer video.

There’s a fair bit of time involved in uploading all the promo videos and I also kick things off with a square full tour trailer on InstaGram.

After lunch I hit the studio and rehearse some of the material that will feature in this week’s shows. Still getting rid of the lurgy, but belting out. few songs feels OK.

Margaret’s got an appointment at the doc in the village. I jump in the car with her and take the opportunity for a nice four-mile walk back home. As it happens. we both get back at the same time!

I’m back in the studio rehearsing when tonight’s AirBnB guests check in. A friendly young French couple…and our last guests before we make for Inverness and Orkney.

I tie up a few loose ends in the office then get dinner underway while Margaret does some ironing…then we eat and chill for a while in front of the telly.