A 30-second trailer to help promote the upcoming USA dates…

A DAMP, grey day its kinda disappointing after yesterday’s sunshine. Too much to do to worry about the weather tho’…

Top of there task list today is to set up Facebook events for the upcoming USA tour dates and create video promos for the entire tour as well as the individual shows.

Betty drops in for a coffee and asks us round for dinner later then I start setting up int he studio to film the videos.

I go back to the house for lunch then do the filming. Amazing that I get best vide quality form the wee Osmo Pocket – a £300 camera that’s consistently out-performing all the pro-sumer video gear we have in the studio. That’s progress, I guess!

I film a bunch of segments then take the video and audio files back to the office to edit. There’s a lot of outtakes and the job of creating final videos in a b unchaining of formats takes all afternoon

Our AirBnB guest comes back form a day out just a s we’re leaving for Betty and Joe’s where we have (another!) lovely meal and a nice relaxing evening.