Nice to get some time to expose Orkney and visit the Italian Chapel

KINDA tired when we wake up, but we wanna squeeze some sightseeing into what is already looking like a busy day.

After breakfast I get some work done and we jump in the car to visit the Italian Chapel about 40 minutes away.

On the way we stop in at the Ferry Inn and book a table for lunch so we can make use of our last ‘meal voucher’.

The Italian Chapel is interesting and intriguing and we’re both glad we’ve made the effort to check it out.

Back in Stromness we drop the car at the hotel, get all my gear into the big room for tonight’s finale show (which is also in our hotel) then go for lunch.

There’s a jam session with lots of local musicians in the main bar and we hang out and listen for a while before getting ready for soundcheck in the main room.

Doors open at 6pm with the first act, Ellyn Oliver on at 6.15pm. Next up is Richard Townend from down south with his backing band of local musicians…then former Michael Jackson guitar man Gregg Wright from LA plays a masterful set.

Next up, I take the stage. The night’s a sell-out and as well as being jam packed, its roasting hot. I thoroughly enjoy myself blasting through 45-minutes of material then clear the stage for Cherry Lee MEwis and her band who are closing the evening.

There’s lots of drinks, chat and laughs afterwards and I’m not even sure what time we go back to our room and crash.

Hot and sweaty at the Orkney Blues Festival finale