BEFORE hitting the shop for today’s shift I schedule the Inverness/Orkney videoblog too premier on Facebook at 7.30pm this evening.

I also upload a video and create a general ad for the upcoming USA east coast dates.

My day in the shop goes uneventfully.

When I get home I make a phone call and a difficult decision to sell my watch. We’re in financial doo-doo and while this won’t solve the problem, it will go some way to helping.

Now it may just be ‘a watch’. And as an object in itself it’s not particularly important. However, it’s something that I aspired to and strived and worked for over the first 30-odd years of my life. It’s a significant thing emotionally, especially with the forced nature of. my ‘choice’.

Anyway! Onwards. Our AirBnB guest checks in while I’m making an early dinner. We have a local community trust meeting this evening and, as a trustee and trust secretary, Margaret needs to be there at 7.30pm. Although not a trustee, I help out with communications..but don’t need to be at the meeting ’til later. Just as well, as I’m premiering the Inverness/Orkney videoblog on Facebook at 7.30pm!