Outside the new Oculus beside Ground Zero…

I SLEEP like a baby – Margaret’s awake early tho’ and has a bit of cough. On the upside, she’s watching the tennis when I wake up, so she’s quite happy!

Blueberries and yogurt, bagels and cream cheese and lots of coffee for breakfast as we plan our day.

It’s nice to have a day off and not immediately be rushing to pick up a rental car and hitting the road. I’m planning to lessen the pain of selling my watch last week by replacing it with an Apple watch…I can save a few quid picking it up here in the ‘States.

We wander the few blocks to Cental Park and then into the newly re-opened flagship 5th Avenue Apple Store . They have the watch, but not the strap I want. The Upper West Side store does, however, so we take a 20-minute through Central Park and get sorted out there.

Next stop, a place called Dig Inn for a late lunch. They have a variation on poké bowls but with alternative ‘proteins’ (chicken, meatballs, tofu… as opposed to the usual fish sashimi). It’s good. I have a brown rice base with grilled broccoli, charred brussels, grilled tofu and a sriracha dressing. Margaret has a base of greens wit some kin of kale and nut said, potato salad and chicken all with a rosemary dressing. It’s a little more expensive than we planned for lunch, but it’s really good and decent value.

We jump on the subway to visit Ground Zero. The beautifully designed and built memorial and gardens a fitting tribute to those lost in the 9/11 tragedy. We also drop into the new Oculus – and impressive structure that, somehow unfittingly for me, houses a fancy shopping mall.

It’s getting late when we get back to Ginny and John’s. Neither of us are hungry, so the late lunch did a good job. We have a couple of beers and share a bottle of red while watching an episode of Ken Burns’ Country Music documentary series with John. The series aired recently on public service but no hope, at the moment anyway, of it becoming available in the UK…John watched it all and thought we’d like it. We do 🙂

At Ground Zero, the footprints of each of the twin towers have been turned into water sculptures.