On the ‘tram’ (cable car!) to Roosevelt Island

NOT such a nice day in Manhattan today…pouring rain out there.

After breakfast we start to rationalise all the stuff we brought up from Ginny’s storage. There’s some stuff for the bin, some stuff to take on the tour…and some stuff we might try and bring home.

We were hoping some Smokehead supplies would have arrived before now…HQ in Scotland reckoned it should have been here last week. Hopefully they’ll be looking into it and it’ll arrive before we have to hit the road.

Margaret’s been keen to ride the ‘tram’ – not a tram at all, we’d call it a cable car – across to Roosevelt Island. By late afternoon the rains off so we do just that and enjoy the ride and a wee walk up the waterside on the island before riding back to the Upper East Side.

Meal times have been a little haphazard so far on this trip and today’s no exception. A bit early for dinner, but we dint have any lunch so go to find some grub.

Google points us to a Tiawanese place on Lexington just a mile’s walk or so away. Turns out Bao by Kaya is in a kinda street food market place…we have a beer and some grub…red curry for Margaret and bar buns and sesame noodles for me. Not huge portions, but really good 🙂

We hang out for a while then wander back picking up a bottle of red and some flowers for Ginny along the way.

Back at the apartment we enjoy a drink while watching the fourth episode in Ken Burns’ County Music documentary series.

…a wee walk on Roosevelt Island before we ride back to the Upper East Side…
…the some grub at Bao by Kaya on Lexington