Nice to be back at The Anchor 🙂

LAST morning in Manhattan before we head off on tour.

After our bagels and cream cheese we start packing everything up.

I do a quick livestream from Ginny and John’s apartment and take some social media pix with Smokehead then do my usual ‘day of show’ last-minute promo.

Ginny drives us to the car rental place in Hackensack and we transfer all the gear into our rental car and say cheerio.

Next stop, a Costco for a quick snack…their food and ‘specials’ are much the same as the UK except they also have an Italian sausage sandwich. I go for it. And it’s good 🙂

It’s about an hour-and-a-half drive to Kingston and our AirBnB is six or seven miles short of the town. We check in and chill for a while.

I get one mail from one of my web clients…there’s a problem with a form on one of her sites. I get it sorted out easily enough, but when I try and check her other site there’s some kind of back end problems at the server that I can’t figure out. I send an email off to the support team at the hosting company in the hope they can help identify (and fix!) the problem.

We load in at The Anchor just before 8pm and then are served dinner…the food here is great. We both have the mushroom swiss burger.

Turns our that support act ‘Rev Kev” is a guy we know from previous visits which is nice. He kicks things off at 9.30 and I hit the stage soon after 10pm for an hour or so’s set. The place is pretty quiet but it’s a good gig and we all have fun.

We need some breakfast supplies for the morning so hit a supermarket on the way back to the AirBnB. We need fuel too, but there’s no gas stations open…rather than use up what we have on a fruitless search, we decide to wait ’til morning…

Rev Kev opens the show…
…and we share the Smoke head love with him, some of the venue staff and photographer Neale after the show.