The Wherehouse, Newburgh, NY…

MARGARET makes breakfast in the spacious kitchen/dining area at the AirBnB.

I’m getting stressed trying to sort out Heather’s website and not making much progress. Time is tight – we need to check out at 11am – and I still have my blog and a load of online promo to do for tonight’s show.

Luckily, we don’t have far to go to Newburgh, so after we check out we find a McDonalds where we have a coffee and I get some more work done.

After a almost visit to pick up some bits and bobs we need – gaffa tape, a $4 car holder for the phone (sadly no CarPlay in our rental car…and nowhere to ‘mount’ a phone for SatNav) and some snacks – we check into our hotel.

I get some more work done, a wee nap then jump in the shower before we head to the Wherehouse. Five years since we’ve bene here!

After load-in and soundcheck we have another nice meal then get ready for showtime.

I have a grand time and play my way through two 45-minute sets. We chat with folks after the show then I share a Smokehead with owner Daniel.

We’re back at the hotel soon after midnight and relax with a dram before bed.

Wherehouse owner Daniel becomes another Smokehead fan