10th Avenue Burrito in Belmar, New Jersey…

A LONGER drive today – from upstate New York to Belmar on the New Jersey shores. Springsteen country.

It’s a nice drive and we do a livestream along the way. Our motel is just a couple of blocks from the venue and we check in early afternoon then go out for a wander.

While out, we grab a sandwich at Hoagitos nearby …amazing chicken sandwiches 🙂

Back at the motel I get some work done and we chill for a few hours before going to load in at 10th Avenue Burrito. We drop the gear and are shown to a table for dinner. Pretty good Mexican grub as featured on my favourite Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins & Dives.

Soundman Kevin gets me set up and soundchecked in no time. The place is pretty busy and rowdy – in a good, enthusiastic way and there’s not shortage of beer and whisky during my first set.

I’m just about to start my second set when our pals Ted and Laurie from Nashville come in with Laurie’s mum. By chance, they have a family wedding a few miles away tomorrow (Sunday)! So good to see them.

My second set goes by in a flash of sweat, whisky and crowd enthusiasm.

Afterwards we hang out and chat with gig-goers and our pals then back to the motel for a nightcap and zzzzzzzzs…..

…great to see our pals Ted and Laurie from Nashville…and they brought Laurie’s mum along too 🙂