I finish off the night at Slim’s Downtown, Raleigh, North Carolina…

BREAKFAST at the La Quinta is pretty good – then there’s the usual scrabble to get my blog, day of show promo and other work dealt with before we have to check out.

I finally mange to get the server issues behind my client’s problematic website sorted too which is one less thing to get stressed about.

We have a couple of hundred miles to Raleigh, North Carolina, I do a couple of Facebook livestreams along the way, one of them with a guitar and we stop at a Taco Bell for some lunch.

After checking into our Super 8 late afternoon we chill for an hour or so then go to load in at Slim’s Downtown. Doors open at 9pm and there’ no soundcheck, just linechecks before everyone’s set.

Having identified Morgan’s Foodhall as a place to eat we walk 15 minutes and find a great selection of stuff on offer. I have a tofu poké bowl and Margaret gets a curry.

Back at the venue doors open and there’s a reasonable amount of folks starting to come in, including Lois and Bob – friends of Ginny and John. They’d been given the heads up about the show 🙂

Oklahoma singer/songwriter Sissy Brown kicks things off, followed by local legend Chip Robinson (The Backsliders) then I close off the night.

We have a grand night – much better than expected for a Monday night 🙂

Oklahoma’s Sissy Brown kicks off the night…
…followed by the legendary Chip Robinson