Great outdoor stage at Awendaw Green

AMAZING breakfast at the Wingate in Charleston…I have a giant steak and chicken breakfast burrito 🙂

Wi-fi in our room isn’t quite so good and we have all sorts of connection problems so after checkout we sit in the foyer for a while and I get some work done.

Awendaw Green is only a half-hour drive away so we hang out in and around Charleston and find a cool place called Clean Eats for lunch – I’m getting obsessed with pokĂ© and similar ‘bowls’.

We have a walk on the beach at Sullivan’s Island. It’s a beautiful, but windy, place.

It’s late afternoon when we roll up at Awendaw Green who turns out to be a magical forest clearing with an outdoor stage, seating and and a load of food vendor spaces. The crew are busy setting up sound when we arrive and organiser Eddie and stage manager Preston come and greet us.

Gates open at 5.30pm and the music starts at 6pm. There’s four or five acts on before I close the event at 9.45pm. It’s like a mini festival and it runs every Wednesday all year round!

Before I play we’re served amazing wood-fired pizza and the green room backstage has a fridge full of beer. There’s fire pits dotted around the site and the vibe is amazing…the only downside is the biting bugs. And there’s a good few of ’em!

The show goes great and we make loads of new friends.

Our accommodation is a (very) rustic bunkhouse cabin half a mile or so away from the site. Inside, it’s all one room with a scattering of music gear, amps, junk and some couches. One of the ladies from the event lives across the way and gives us some clean pillows and blankets.

I have a couple of large drams, we pick a couch and sleep sitting up!

Sound and stage prep at Awendaw Green
We enjoy the beach at Sullivan’s Island…
…and find the wee guy on the path.