First show of the day…Live Under the Oaks Concert Series in Mt.Pleasant Towne Center

EVERYTIME I wake up sitting on the couch I hope for daylight and check the time.

Finally, around 7.30am we both wake up and it’s light. We tidy up, chuck our stuff int he car and go find a McDonalds for coffee, breakfast and wifi.
We hang out in MD’s until let morning, then go and check into our Wingate hotel back up towards North Charleston. We have an early check in 🙂
I restring the National ResoTone guitar, have a snack then sleep for an hour or two.

After a nice shower I’m feeling a bit more human and we drive down to Mt.Pleasant Towne Centre where I’m playing an outdoor event – the Under the Oaks Concert Series.

My slot is 6pm. There’s an entire orchestra on stage before me, but soundman Preston has everything planned out and under control.

The space is full and it’s a beautiful evening. I play a well-received 50-minute set then we watch Don Merckle & the Blacksmiths – a great band and nice bunch of folks.

I have another show tonight at The Mill, North Charleston half an hour away. Showtime’s 10pm and we have time to stop off at an Arby’s for a snack en route.

The Mill is a cool pace and booker Gregg a really nice guy. I play two 45-minute whisky-driven sets taking things up to midnight…two of the guys from the Blacksmiths that played Under the Oaks earlier, a bunch of folks that were at Awendaw Green and a load more that had been tipped off by pals who saw me at other gigs are in for the show.

Needless to say I’m pretty pegged when I finish. We hang out and chat for a while then load out and head back to the hotel.

A snack and a wee nightcap then zzzzzzzz’s…

…then on to The Mill, North Charleston for a late night show.