We stop for dinner at a Cracker Barrel. Not top of our list of places to eat, but it’s convenient and reasonably priced…

NO show tonight, but we’ve a long travel day – we’re staying with pals in Pasadena, Maryland which is an eight-hour or so drive away.

We check out the hotel at 11am and hit the road, sharing the drive.

First stop is at a Panera Bread then we carry on. Our ETA at Gina and Joey’s is around 9.30pm, but after a stop at a Cracker Barrel for some dinner, it changes to 10/10.30pm!

Joey’s out playing a gig and won’t be back ’til about 3am…mind you, we sit with Gina drinking red wine and chatting ’til nearly 2am! We’ll see him in the morning.