Onstage at Cult Classic Brewing in Stevensville, Maryland. What a venue!

WE sleep quite late at Gina and Joey’s and it’s nearly 11am but the time we’re showered and get downstairs.

Joey’s got an afternoon show to play and head off…but we’ll see him tonight at my gig in Stevensville.

Gina’s made some amazing pancakes with berries and crispy bacon for breakfast, we chat, drink coffee then I get a little online work done.

We take Boa the dog for a walk around nearby Down’s Park and enjoy the fresh air as we wander along the waterside and forest walks.

By the time we get back tot he house it’s time for us to pack up and make our way to Stevensville for tonight’s show. Gina will come with Joey later on.

Cult Classic Brewing turns out to be a spectacular venue – great room, PA and tech folks. Dougie has me soundchecked in a flash then we go through tot he taproom for a beer before heading backstage for some (very good) dinner.

I’m a little worried that there may not be much of a crowd but my stress is unfounded. there’s a good turnout and the show goes great.

There lots of chat and beer round the merch table then we go backstage to give the venue folks – and our hosts Gina and Joey – a Smokehead (or two).

By 11.30pm we’re on the road. Joey and Gina had offered us to stay again tonight, but we really need to hit the road. Our plan is to drive the 200-odd miles into Manhattan, drop all the gear at my cousin’s apartment, then make for Hackensack, New Jersey where we’ll sleep for an hour or two in the car then take it back to the rental place when it opens at 9am.

All goes to plan and we park up in Hackensack for a sleep around 5am…

Smokehead fun backstage after the show with our hosts Joey & Gina, the venue’s Jesse, Forrest & Rory, yours truly and soundman Dougie.