We enjoy our afternoon trip to, and around, the United Nations building

I GET out the shower and head out in the sunshine…off to Bagelworks on 1st Avenue to get some bagels and scallion cream cheese.

After breakfast I get on with some work then we take a wander down to the United Nations (UN) building. Margaret booked our tour earlier…it’s quite expensive, but we’re keen to see round and learn more.

Security is strict and there’s a fair fanny-dance registering and getting through security. Once we’re in, though, it’s more relaxed. We have a coffee and a bit of cake while we wait for our tour to start then spend an hour or so being shown round and hearing about the work of the UN.

The tour, although interesting, is a little rushed and we don’t get time to look at, or read, any of the information or exhibits along the way.

We walk back up to the apartment stopping to pick up some stuff for dinner along the way.

It’s after 6pm when we get back and I spend some time updating my website landing page and Facebook profile/page cover images to show the four Scottish tour dates at the end of November.

After we eat we relax for an hour or two in front of the telly. Unfortunately the remaining episodes of Ken Burns’ documentary series on country music seem to have expired from catch up TV and are no longer available so we watch CNN for a while…seems there’s no other news in the world other than stuff around US politics and Trump!