WE’RE up fairly early to finish of packing and juggling stuff about.

I leave Margaret tidying up the apartment and go downtown to meet Joel from DeWolfe Music for a coffee. I do some stuff for DeWolfe in the UK and have hoped up with Joel on visits the last couple of years.

It’s good to catch upland get some inspiration 🙂

We have a car coming to take us to Newark airport at 2.30pm, so I don’t hang out too long and pick up some stuff to make sandwiches on the way back to the apartment.

The car arrives bang on time and an hour later we’re deposited at the airport where we check in and make our way through security.

Our flights not ’til 7.20pm, but we have extra instruments to bring home so wanna make sure we can get ’em on board. So far, so good!

We have a drink and wander around a little. On boarding the crew are most accommodating and take the guitar and banjo and put them in a closet so we don’t have to manhandle them through the cabin to our seats.

The flight’s a little late in leaving but soon we’re settled down, watching movies and enjoying a glass of red before an above average ‘airplane meal’. Then I get some zzzz’s….