I SPEND the rest of the flights alternating between watchdog documentaries and dozing. By the time we land at Manchester I’ve had, at best, a couple hours’ sleep. Don’t feel too bad tho’.

Getting through arrivals, picking up our bags and the car are relatively hassle-free and, despite having even less sleep than me, Margaret drives the first 10 or fifteen miles to a services.

We have a pretty disappoining Burger King breakfast. I’d go as far as saying we won’t be doing that again…then we get some fuel and I take over driving.

Margaret was keen to get back behind the wheel after a half-hour kip, but she doesn’t stir ’till we’re in Glasgow and I’ve been fine for the drive.

First stop is Chung Ing for some tofu and other ‘ingredients’, then Costco, then Tesco.

We’re home early/mid-afternoon. I dump the great in the studio, we put the shopping away and un pack the necessities.

While we were away I got a bee in my bonnet about my iPad case/cover. It’s excellent aside form the lightening port hole being too tight to allow the Apple Pencil to plug in and charge or pair, meaning the bloody thing needs to be removed from it’s case to pair/charge which is a right royal pain in the ass. The Osmo camera won’t fit in either.

I nearly bought another case while we were away, but now I use my initiative and grab the mini tool in the office and carefully carve a bigger hole in the case. It’s easy, a remarkably neat job (for me!) and solves the problem. I’m so impressed I do same to my laptop cover to allow a USB-C micro drive to plug in to a similarly blocked up port!

Margaret’s failing fast and decides togo to bend for an hour. I normally resist this but am pretty knackered…it’s 5pm…