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I WAKE around 7.30am having slept right through since 5pm yesterday!

So some time lost to sleep, but I’m back into a routine straight off and ready to get cracking with stuff.

First job is to get an appointment with the doctor – cashflow and other stuff has been stressing me out for too long. I’ve tried counselling, coaching, yoga and while my self-control has been pulling me through, I think I need a chat with the doc. I get an appointment for Monday morning. Prevention his better than cure.

After breakfast I make a list of my ‘avails’ for shifts at the village shop and drop it in on my way to pick up our mail from Betty and Joe’s where I have a coffee and a blether.

In the studio I start sorting out all the gear and swap the banjo cases round – the banjo that came back from the USA with us will be put up for sale in the hard case I’ve using for my banjo here..that banjo will live in the Reunion Blues Continental Voyager case we brought back. Both fit their new cases fine which is good news.

I mess with the guitar a bit and then hit the office to try and make up a to-do list and cashflow note for our ‘Buzz meeting’. I’d like us to tackle this today so we can hit the ground running next week.

While we were away I re-discovered an online service called Like SmartURL it gathers all the links to a particular song – Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay,. Soundcloud etc etc. Rather than posting lots of social media links it means one post and link that leads to all services.

With the ongoing Brexit clusterfuck, I wanna try and get some more traction for my Brexit Blues single and this might be a more streamlined way to do it. Check it out here.

Back in the studio I take a couple snaps of a bottle of Smokehead with guitars in the background – I need a nice studio shot to top and tail a slideshow of all the pix including Smokehead from the tour.

Suddenly it’s time to meet Betty and pick up some pizza before going along to theirs to eat and catch up over a few glasses of red. We’ve missed our pals.