THERE’S a few things needing done before I can get on with any of my own work.

We’ve finally managed to confirm the availability of the village hall for the local community trust’s AGM so I need to get some posters made up, get an eNewsletter out to all the trust members and post the info on social media.

It all takes longer than I planned, and there’s a few behind the scenes website updates needing done when I add the AGM info to the trust’s website.

The folks that needed help with poster have sent a load of words to add to the poster art – I deal with that. Again.

I got a big piece of pork shoulder from Costco the other day and need to cut it up…some will go into Andouille sausage and the rest used for pork, chorizo and butterbean casserole.

There’s not enough cajun spice mix left for the sausage, so before I start anything I make up a batch of that…then I set out the pork shoulder.

The pork for the sausage in mixed with cajun spice, more paprika, chopped garlic and load of other stuff and put in the fridge while I make a big pot of casserole. Meantime, our AirBnB guests have arrived.

While the casserole bubbles away I mince the pork and spice sausage mixture and soak the hogskin casings. I’ll make the sausage tomorrow and, hopefully, smoke it on Monday.

After dinner I get some more work done, have a glass of red and a wee dram then head off to bed…