MY morning is spent in a meeting to discuss ways I can help a local business up the ante using social media and their web presence in general.

It’s interesting and productive and I hope I can help…I undertake to have a plan with them by close of play tomorrow (Wednesday)! The pressure’s on 😉

Before I left for the meeting I called Bose customer service. My headphones – which have been in hibernation for a while – aint; working and I’ve established it’s the detachable cable that’s the culprit. The Bose website shows my headphones come with a different cable (no inline mic or iPhone controls)..a different model has that lead which leads to some confusion. After ½-hour on the phone, the foreign gentleman suggests the battery may be dead or my headphones aren’t ‘switched on’.

I explain (again) that the headphones are not wireless and have no power…I’ve already described the problem (the cable!) and supplied model, serial number and even photos, so why he asked such an irrelevant question I do not know. Eventually he tells me the model is discontinued and they don’t carry the cable. I’m unhappy and suggest that a premium product should be supported better then wait on hold for ten minutes while he consults his supervisor. He comes back to say his supervisor is busy and will call back later. We agree on 12.30pm. When I come back from my meeting just before that time no one has called.

After lunch I hit the studio.I need to come up with some kind of instrumental/soundtrack for a slideshow of images from the tour for Smokehead. It’s not a priority, but it needs progressed sooner rather than later.

I’ve got a (very) basic idea and beat which I dump into ProTools then record some guitar riffs and vocal samples which I aim to take into Ableton on the laptop and mess around with. This is all new territory for me. Previous meddling with Ableton never resulted in any output, so I’m hoping that with a project and idea in mind I can produce something. useable.

Progress is positive!

After dinner we go along to Betty and Joe’s to help put up the winter curtains. An annual event which sees us spend ½ hour hanging the curtains then a couple of hours drinking red wine and chatting…