AFTER clearing the decks of the usual stuff I get busy in the office.

I spend the entire day on social media plan for a local business which involves a lot of initial research to see what they are and aren’t doing at the moment, and how well – or not – it’s being done.

It’s easy to criticise or pick holes, but this isn’t about what’s not been done, it’s about getting it done in the future so the research is not to cast anything up, but to inform and direct the future strategy.

I’d promised the outline plan by close of play today which is an ambitious aim, but by half past four I’m done and get it emailed off.

Meantime, Matty – who’s doing a teaching placement in Balfron – has arrived. He’s come for dinner and to stay over tonight.

We chat for a while and then I finish up some other work. An email comes in acknowledging the plan I sent off earlier and arranging a meeting for Friday morning.