UP early, breakfast, blog and emails out the way before I have a 9am meeting with a local business about the social media proposal I put together.

The meeting goes great and everyone’s keen to get moving on the plan. There’s a few things that need done as a matter of urgency, so I need to hit the ground running.

I spend the rest of the day putting the first elements of the plan into place and then going through the rest of the plan to schedule all the content creation needed for the next week or so. It’s kinda full-on, but exciting. I hope I can help make a difference.

In between times Parcelforce pick up my signature guitar which is heading to the south coast for a review in Guitarist Magazine. Scary sending it away, but hopefully worth it!

All this, of course, means the songwriting has been missed…and I have to get all the regional and local PR/media stuff done for the Scottish shows at the end of the month. I diary it for Sunday. I’m glad I did all the work on my eNewsletter yesterday and scheduled it to go out automatically this morning.

At 5pm I go to meet the chef at the restaurant and brief him for a livestream we’ll be doing at 5.30pm….all part of the strategy. It goes well…a little shorter than I’d hoped, but all good.

Back home, Margaret’s on dinner duties and I do a little more work. We’ve not long finished eating when our AirBnB guests arrive. They head out for some dinner and we watch a documentary about Eric Clapton on the iPlayer…