The loch’s beautiful when I go out for the rolls…

MAIN task today is to arrange an interview and shoot some quick cutaways for an Instagram TV post for my local social media client.

First, though, I nip to the shop to get some rolls for breakfast. The loch is beautifully calm, so I take a wee detour and snap some photos before going back home.

After breakfast I clear the decks of the routine stuff and sort a time for a quick video interview. For Instagram TV it doesn’t have to be a fancy production, but it can’t be half-assed either.

When I get back Catriona and Freya have arrived. I have a coffee and a bit of cake with them then hit the office to edit the video I shot earlier.

Catriona has brought her laptop and wants to get some work done so Margaret takes Freya out for an hour or two and we get on with our respective jobs.

My finished Instagram TV video is far from a production masterpiece, but it’ll do the job. I send it off for ‘the OK’ and get an immediate positive response. It’s not due to be posted ’til tomorrow, but I’m glad it’s in the bag and ready to go.

I’m preparing some of the stuff for our red beans and rice (with Andouille sausage) when our AirBnB guests arrive back from their day out. They have a shower and then head out for dinner…

It’s getting late by the time we eat then chill for an hour or two with a glass of red.