I’M going a walk with Martyn this morning, so up at a decent time and I get some bits and bobs out the way before breakfast.

I drive along to the next village, meet Martyn and we have a grand walk covering five or six miles and chat all the way. Good to catch up and swap some stories.

Back at Martyn and Louise’s we have a coffee and blether some more then I nip to the village for some messages before heading home.

One of my main tasks on the list for tomorrow is to send out news releases for the Scottish shows at the end of the month. As soon as I start preparing the mailouts I realise my database software (Filemaker) isn’t compatible with the recently updated Mac operating system. Shit. Admittedly my version is about eight years old, but still…an update costs about £400.

To tide me over I dig out the old laptop, open my media database and export it so I can open it in a spreadsheet program. It works and gets me out a hole, but it’s a funky, cumbersome and awkward way to work.

I’ve not long got everything. ready to go out tomorrow when tonight’s AirbnB guests arrive – a nice French couple. We’re off to Betty and Joe’s for dinner so leave them to their own devices.