ALARM goes off at 6am…ooft. Shower, coffee, breakfast and ready to open the local shop at 7am…

I’m only helping in the shop ’til midday and in. between times I manage a few meetings about the social media projects.

Margaret’s off into Glasgow for a routine hospital appointment and some shopping. After lunch I get busy with press/media stuff for the shows coming up at the end of the month,

The news releases were all ready to go out at the push of a button, but quite a few addresses bounce which prompts me to phone and check various contacts – a job which, although time-consuming, will pay dividends as I make personal contact with some new journalists.

I have to sort a social media competition for the local business I’m helping out and schedule some other content production then there’s a few more small jobs to be attended to then I hit the studio to film some stuff for a video promoting the Scottish shows…primarily for a Facebook ad, but will also repurpose for YouTube, InstaGram and InstaGramTV.

Margaret arrives back with the shopping so I help put it away then get on with editing the various videos formats before embarking on dinner…black pepper tofu.

It’s a time-consuming meal to cook, but one fo our favourites.

After we eat I carry on working and suddenly it’s time for bed…no songwriting tho’ 🙁

Black pepper tofu in progress…
Upcoming shows trailer…