Vietnamese pork underway – cheers Catriona and Will for the ‘simply cook’ spice pots and recipe 🙂

FIRST job this morning is to gather my video stuff and get down to the local pub to grab some footage for a social media post I’m planning later today.

All goes to plan and an hour later I’m home and editing the footage.

At midday I have another meeting about their website which I’ve made some observations about.

Back home I have lunch then work on some other special media stuff – not just for the local business, but myself too.

I need to spend some time in the studio, but daylight’s getting shorter so I go for a walk up the lochside then hit the studio when get back.

There’s a few ideas I’m trying to develop in the studio. Not sure if any of them’ll work out, but I know I need to persevere.

When I get back, Margaret’s off the “stitch’n’bitch” evening so I start preparing dinner – Vietnamese pork with some ingredients from Catriona and Will’s ‘simply cook’ subscription – so it’s ready when she come back.

We’re not long finished when out AirBnB guests for the next three nights check in…a nice German couple. We chat for a while then head to bed.