Was a bit hurried, but quite pleased with this night-time shot in the village.

STILL feeling terrible so I hang out in bed for a while in the hope that some rest might help shift this lurgy.

It’s late morning when I get up and have breakfast – and I realise that my 1.30pm meeting is actually tomorrow (Tuesday!).

After nipping down to the village for a couple of things I get on with some online promo for the shows any the end of November.

I’m just finished when our AirBnB guest arrives. I’m still feeling crap so go for a nap for an hour and feel mildly better when I wake up.

A local web client’s comic n round at 6.30pm to get some help with an online shop –m and I need to get some night-time pix in the village. I’m just about to head out when my pal Duncan calls and we chat for a while until I have to dash out to take the pix.

Back just in time for my meeting we discuss a way forward, make a plan then we go along to Betty and Joe’s for dinner. Phew…