I’VE a lot to get through before my late shift at the village shop.

Top priority is to edit a video post for the local business I’m helping out. I shot some video n a nice morning last week especially for this one, s should be straightforward, But it isn’t.

The external drive I’m using isn’t up to the job of handling the 4k video footage and the render files are full of artefacts and dropped frames. Apart from the fact that it’s not good to use the computers boot drive for big files like this, there’s no room. I end up ditching a video library and having to run direct from the MacBook.

All this makes a hour-long job take more than three hours…then I’m thwarted by tricky Facebook video uploads and further stymied when I can’t get the captioning to work.

Suddenly it’s nearly time for my shift at the shop – and I’ve not been near the studio, gone for my planned walk in the sunshine or anything else. Ah well.

Margaret’s got dinner ready when I get back my shift. We eat, I get some odds and sods of online stuff done then we relax a while.