AN early-ish start to Glasgow and my appointment at the allergy clinic at Yorkhill.

I was referred back at the beginning for February after my visit to emergency care in LA…and it’s taken nearly 10 months to come through!

All the patient parking is full…the staff car park is only a third full, but there’s big red signs everywhere saying ‘staff only’ and a police notice saying some kind of ‘parking hyena’ system its in place. not park there. I go and pay a meter in the street half a mile away.

With the waiting time for an appointment so long, I’m expecting the place to be jammed with folks. I’m the only one there and they don’t exactly look rushed of their feet. I’m ten minutes early and get called immediately.

The doctor is very nice and goes through a load of questions before sending me to a room next door where a – also very nice – nurse puts numbered tape on the inside of my forearm and applies a bunch of ‘things’ via scratches, jabs and drops. Nothing causes a reaction except the ‘control substance’ who is only there to make sure my skin is reacting as normal.

Back with the doctor, she reckons I don’t have any allergies per se…maybe some intolerances in my stomach but without knowing exact ingredients of the meals that have put me in hospital over the years it’s all a bit of a shot in the dark. The bottom line is that whatever it is it’s not life-threatening. Guess I just have to be careful.

A guy in Glasgow – well, Renfrew, to be exact – has been interested in the banjo I brought back from the USA and I arrange to drop in with it to let him have a look after I’ve picked up some shopping. He likes it and gives me the cash – not much in the grand scheme of things, but a welcome boost to the coffers.

Back home we have lunch then I get some work done. At 5pm I close the social media competition I’ve been running for a local business and then go to do a Facebook livestream from their kitchen.

While Margaret prepares dinner I copy and paste all the comment entries to the comeptition into a document, strip out all the images and unnecessary stuff and print them out before slicing them up to go in a hat for the draw tomorrow (Saturday). I leave one sheet to be sliced up for the livestream draw…

After dinner we watch telly for a wee while, have a glass of red then an early night.