The writing space in the studio…

AFTER a bit of lie in I get busy with the day-to-day stuff then we have a late breakfast.

We’re doing a competition draw livestream at the local restaurant at 12.30pm and I have some prep to do.

Margaret’s off to Catriona’s to make Christmas cake and I head off to do the livestream which all goes to plan. There’s a wee bit of sharing and after-show stuff to do when I get home then I make some lunch.

I haven’t played banjo in and there’s a run of Scottish shows coming soon sop I run through a few that I’m likely to play.

Then I hit the studio and spend a few hours messing with a new song idea. It’s coming a bit slow, but might develop into something useable.

We’re meeting a bunch of local pals in the local restaurant for some dinner…I hadn’t;t known what time we’re meeting but Margaret calls on her way back form Catriona’s to say she’s had a text saying 6.30pm. That’s in half-an-hour!

I finish up in the studio, grab a jacket and head out. Margaret’ll join us as soon as she gets back.

We have a lovely evening with Betty, Joe, Seonaidh, Michelle and Arthur. Good food and good company 🙂