Nice to have my signature guitar back in the fold….

SOME social media stuff to be done for the local business I’m helping out then I do some online promo for the shows I have coming up next week.

I’ve just hit the studio when Margaret calls to say a courier has dropped off my ‘signature’ guitar – it’s been away down south for the last two weeks with Guitarist Magazine. Nice to have it back.

After reuniting myself with the guitar I head back to the studio and manage to finish off a fourth verse of a new song. It may need some kind of middle eight or chorus – and will doubtless need some tweaking – but it’s looking promising.

We have a late lunch before I go to help out in the local shop where I’m on ’til closing time (8pm).

When I get back Margaret’s just in from the stitch’n’bitch evening and started dinner. We eat in front of the telly and relax for a while before bed.