Clean water everywhere…but the dirty puddle tastes better….

DOCTOR’S appointment first thing. We have a good chat and he’s quite happy with my ‘progress’ on the current dose of happy pills.

Back home I start putting together a video post for the local business who’s social media I’m trying to boost. It’s straightforward but I decide I’m not happy with my voiceover/script, so I re-do it and send it off for the OK.

I’ve decided to release the version of Jingle Bells I recorded for DeWolfe as a digital-only single. I’ll keep it low key and really only doing it to keep my traction on Spotify. And who knows – maybe it’ll take off (doubt it!).

That means I need to quickly master the track and create some artwork before uploading it to and all the relevant metadata to my digital aggregator who is responsible for getting it into all the digital streaming/download services (Apple Music/Spotify/Deezer/Amazon and a trillion others). Hits the streets on Friday 13 December. Ominous or what?!

I hit the studio to work on the current song…and an idea for another. Then Margaret calls me to say my pal Martyn has called to see if I can do a photo job for someone he knows tomorrow (Friday). I call the guy and feel kind out of my depth but agree to meet in Glasgow early tomorrow morning…

In between times our AirBnB guests have arrived. They stay in their room and I go and start making tonight’s veggie pasta. Works out good. We eat, I have a dram then read for a while before an early night.

Veggie pasta….