AFTER breakfast we tidy up and jump in the car to go and visit Catriona, Will and Freya.

It’s nice to see them – and Will’s making good progress building the hut in the garden.

We have a coffee and chat for a while it’s just a flying visit as Catriona and Freya are going to visit pals in Dundee and Will needs to get on with the cladding on the hut.

Back home we have some lunch and I get some online work done then hit the studio. I’ve a couple of song ideas in progress. As usual, though, I’m worried that (a) they sound a bit derivative and (b) they don’t sound ‘like me’. Anyway, I know I need to persevere with them and give ’em a fighting chance of staying out the bin.

The Davis Cup is on the telly and there’s three matches in the semi-final between UK and Spain…that’s Margaret commandeering the telly for the foreseeable. We have dinner and watch the tennis for the rest of the evening….