A whole bunch of songs in today’s Facebook livestream…

AFTER breakfast I hit the studio and set up the X-Air mixer – we’re gonna need it for the Aberdeen show on Friday and we haven’t used it inna. while. I want to check it’s working OK….and that we can remember how it all works!

The mixer’s fine. I’m starting to tidy up in the studio to set up for a couple of Facebook livestreams later on when I get a message from the local inn– there’s a photo op that they think might be good. for their social media. I go and meet the folks, take the photo and go back to the office and post it round.

There’s two Facebook livestreams planned. One at 2.30pm from the signature guitar page and one at 3pm from my music page.

The impromptu photo shoot means time is tight and typically there’s a technical issue. Last week the livestream software kept crashing out on my laptop…so I thought I’d use the old laptop but for some reason it’s refusing to recognise the Black Magic interface or the camera attached to it. Jeez.

With five minutes to go it’s back to the drawing board and we resort to using my phone.

Regardless, both livestreams go well and we finally get back to the house for some lunch by 4pm!

I’ve just finished making a big batch of black bean sauce when an email comes in from the promoter in Kinross – there’s only two tickets sold for Thursday’s show…do we want to go ahead? We discuss it and decide to pull the show. Not sure why this one’s so poor – the other shows are all selling.

Anyway, we discuss our options – just have a night off with Timo and Suvi? Or do a house concert? Maybe try an unplugged show in the local coffee shop?

I call the coffee shop owner and run the idea past him. He’s all for it, so we arrange to meet first thing in the morning to discuss.

Meantime, I spread the word amongst our local pals.

I also need to update all the tour dates images to show Kinross is cancelled, get it taken down from all the online gig guides and listings and try and let folks know. I also contact all the press and radio folks I’d sent news releases to.

It’s after 8pm when I embark on making dinner – beef in black bean sauce. Haven;t made it in ages and had forgotten how much I like it 🙂