A great night in Glasgow to close our wee run of Scottish shows….

WE get showered and drink coffee in the hotel then meet Ismo and Suvi – we’re gonna stop for breakfast in the road.

The place we plan to stop beside the pier in Stonehaven appears to have been blown away in a storm a few years ago! We’re directed to another place a few minutes walk away where we have a nice brunch then a walk back along the sea front to the car.

We’re back home soon after 3pm and have half-an-hour to swap over some gear for tonight;s show and have a quick snack.

In Glasgow, we meet some of my old primary school pals who’ve planned a wee reunion…some are coming tot he show later. I introduce Ismo and Suvi, we have a quick pint then go to load in tab the Hug & Pint.

Soundman Ross is ready for us to soundcheck then we have some dinner and hang out ’til doors open at 8pm.

The place is already full when Ismo kicks things off and like everywhere else, he goes down a storm.

The atmosphere in the place is amazing when – rather nervously, after Ismo’s amazing set – I take the stage but the nerves disappear and I have an awesome time playing. What a great audience 🙂

After clearing up there’s time for a couple of drinks with folks upstairs then we head back Loch Lomondside for some more grub and drinks. Another 3am shot…but what a great day…