MARGARET’S off into Glasgow early…amd I have a social media meeting with a local business at 8.30am.

The meeting goes well with the last couple of weeks’ activity acknowledged and priorities agreed for the next two weeks.

I have another meeting right after then goi home and put together an activity plan for approval.

One of my back teeth has been grumbling a little over the last week or two. We’ve dentist appointments in a couple of weeks but I decide to call and see if they can have a shifty in case it gets worse. They do – and I’m given an appointment for 5pm.

We have some last minute AirBnB guests coming to night so I get the house vacuumed and some other tidying up done.

My pal Rab need some work done in his online shop. I set up the stuff he wants and send off for approval before it all goes live. I also get some behind the scenes work done on a website for a local business and await some more info and content from them.

Margaret’s got the car and won’t be back ’til later, so I walk the four miles to the dentist. After some poking and knocking she reckons the tooth – and the gold half-crown atop it – is OK…if it gets worse I’ve to call them.

Margaret picks me ups in the village and well;re not long home when the Air BnB folks arrive. We wait ’til they’ve had their dinner before making ours.

I set up some tickets, a Facebook event and do some online listings for a show at the local village hall on 1 February then we have an early-ish night.