Last night’s livestream…

FIRST job is finishing off the shop stuff on my pal Rab’s website.

The merch bundles take a bit of extra coding and jiggery-pokery to get ’em the way I want but I get there in the end.

I wanna send Ismo some images and video clips from last week, but my video clips are random and giant 4k files. I pull the clips onto a timeline, edit them into some sort of sensible collection and export the lot at 1080p. Much more manageable file size!

There’s a few shows confirmed for next year so I spend some time getting them onto the main online listings places. We have online ticketing in place for the local Memorial Hall show on 1 February but I wanna do some physical tickets too. I design, number, print, perforate and cut a few books of tickets.

Some of the posters for that show need laminating for outdoor use so I sort that then manage half an hour in the studio before Margaret heads out to the stitch’n’bitch – she forgets the posters for the village hall though, so I end up taking them down a few minutes later in the car!

Back home I start preparing dinner then do a Facebook livestream, finishing up just as Margaret gets home.

We eat then do a little work for next week’s community trust meeting. Suddenly it’s 1am…